What Would Google Do? 

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What Would Google Do?

Описание: This is a great mind-twisting book that shows examples of rethinking everything in different ways, as well as laying out how the business world is changing. It is more than just an anecdote book. It is well organized around 40 well-illustrated principles about coming trends. It is more about the changes our business world is undergoing than about Google itself. For example, in "Middlemen are doomed" the role of middle men (agents) in the publishing world, and in real estate, is discussed along with the changing role of newspapers. Following that, there are 20 examples of applying rethought approaches to a number of different situations, for example, medical care and insurance, manufacturing, travel, etc.

One thing particularly enjoyable about this book is that it draws from many sources for thoughts and examples. In doing so, I am learning about a number of interesting bloggers and book authors that I had not yet encountered.

What is useful about this book is that it conveys the message of standing somewhere different and thinking differently about something that has been done in one way for far too long. Of course this book is only speaking in generalities -- it is not a user manual, and your task, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out how to apply this new perspective to whatever you are involved in. I found it an enjoyable mind-brightening book.
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