Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit? 

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Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit?

Description: Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit? opens with a call from Roger to hard-boiled private eye Eddie Valiant. Roger suspects that Jessica is baking carrot cakes for movie heartthrob Clark Gable. And the scandal threatens to rob Roger of the Rhett Butler role in the soon-to-be-filmed Toon musical comedy Gone With The Wind. Investigating JessicaA?a‚¬a„?s alleged affair, valiant Eddie finds adultery turning to murder. In no time flat, heA?a‚¬a„?s up to his fedora in a nasty web of deceit, intrigue, and Hollywood corruption including reports from all over of a swindling, cheating, blackmailingA?a‚¬A¦..Roger!!?!?!
Some of the wildest creatures seen in fiction (and real life) abound: Police Sergeant Bulldog Bascomb, a full-blooded hound whoA?a‚¬a„?s got his razor-sharp teeth sunk into EddieA?a‚¬a„?s case; Heddy, EddieA?a‚¬a„?s sister and possible prime suspect; Kirk Enigman, a very A?a‚¬A“shadowyA?a‚¬A? guy: and Joellyn, JessicaA?a‚¬a„?s twin sister, shockingly different from her glamour girl sibling in one small way! As if this isnA?a‚¬a„?t enough, human luminaries run fast and furious. In addition to Gable, David O. Selznick, Carole Lombard (Baby HermanA?a‚¬a„?s latest plaything) and Vivien Leigh (ValiantA?a‚¬a„?s dalliance?) all play roles.
No question about it. Something is really p-p-p-popping in Toontown!”
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