The Teaching Company: The Rise and Fall of Soviet Communism 

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The Teaching Company: The Rise and Fall of Soviet Communism

Description: From the Oval Office to the streets of Moscow, world leaders and ordinary citizens alike wonder whether democracy can survive in Russia, what the future holds for the once-expansive and still powerful Russian nation, and whether Soviet communism is truly dead. Top diplomats struggle daily with questions like these. You can begin investigating them for yourself with this two-part, 16 lecture course. Professor Gary Hamburg of the University of Notre Dame leads you on a probing historical journey that sheds light on the recent history and near future of a key world power. Whether your chief interest is Russian or world history, political theory, or international relations, you will take away a wealth of knowledge and insight from this scholarly and comprehensive look at the improbable origins of communist rule in Russia, the ascent of the red star to its zenith, and its decline and apparent end in the wake of 1989's epoch-making events. Beginning with the failures of the Czarist regime and the horrors of the First World War, then moving through the bloody era of Josef Stalin's purges and beyond to Mikhail Gorbachev's perestroika , Professor Hamburg familiarizes you with the story of 20th-century Russia. Using new material from previously sealed Soviet archives and covering recent controversial findings by both Russian and Western scholars, Professor Hamburg offers you a vibrant and masterful analysis of The Rise and Fall of Soviet Communism that stands out from other accounts of the Soviet experiment. A professor of Russian history at Notre Dame since 1979, Gary Hamburg has written, edited, and translated a number of works on Russia and her intriguing past. A respected authority on Russian social, political, and intellectual history, Professor Hamburg has studied at Leningrad State University and Moscow University.
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