The Innocents 

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The Innocents

Newly engaged and unthinkingly self-satisfied, 28-year-old Adam Newman is the prize catch of Temple Fortune, a small, tight-knit Jewish suburb of London. He has been dating Rachel Gilbert since they were both 16 and now, to the relief and happiness of the entire Gilbert family, they are finally to marry.
To Adam, Rachel embodies the highest values of Temple Fortune: she is innocent, conventional, and entirely secure in her community - a place in which everyone still knows the whereabouts of their nursery school classmates. Marrying Rachel will cement Adam's role in a warm, inclusive family he loves.
But as the vast machinery of the wedding gathers momentum, Adam feels the first faint touches of claustrophobia, and when Rachel's younger cousin Ellie Schneider moves home from New York, she unsettles Adam more than he'd care to admit.
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