Dead Cert 

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Dead Cert

Description: Admiral is a 'dead cert' to win, but the horse falls for no visible reason, and the jockey is crushed to death. Bill Davidson's accident just doesn't look right to his best friend Alan York, and after winning the race Bill should have won, Alan goes back to check the fence. Sure enough he finds a bunch of wire on the ground. But before he can bring the police to the scene, the wire disappears. So it's up to Alan to find the murderer. Alan is an appealing hero. At 24 years old, he's an astute commodities analyst who works three days a week in London at his very wealthy father's Rhodesia-based trading company. But other days generally find him on a racehorse. He's quite an accomplished amateur jockey. The plot is rich in quirky characters, atypical thugs and subtle red herrings - with a love story mixed in. Romance is yet another obstacle course for Alan York to run.
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Dick Francis Просмотров:  1854
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