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Description: With an introduction by his son Julian, John covers what Cynthia Lennon calls the "most exciting, extraordinary, and eventful 10 years of John Lennon's life". Her memoir reveals private moments and insights that cover the beginning of love, the unraveling of a marriage, and the birth of a legendary voice and band. And then there's Yoko... Cynthia says, in her own words, that "the time has come when I feel ready to tell the truth about John...there is so much I have never said, so many instances I have never spoken of, so many feelings I have never expressed. Only I know what really happened to us, why we stayed together, why we parted, and the price I paid for being John's wife". This sets up a grand expectation, and Cynthia - through John - delivers the goods in way that's often surprising, sometimes shocking, and often touching. It's as much her story as his, and you can't turn your ears away.
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Cynthia Lennon Просмотров:  1858
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