The Schumann Frequency 

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The Schumann Frequency

Description: Fans of Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, and Clive Cussler will love this energetic debut novel. This fast-paced debut novel from the next big voice in Australian thrillers is a page-turner like no other. Wilson Dowling is sent from the future to the present day to address the "Schumann Frequency", which has the power to slow the speed of time. Clues buried deep within the Dead Sea Scrolls have made this Dowling's mission - he must open three energy portals hidden within the most famous archaeological sites on Earth. Wilson has to move quickly as forces of opposition mount against him, forces which threaten to unravel his mission and decide the fate of the entire planet. An adventure not only through time and humanity, The Schumann Frequency races through various corners of the globe from the Mayan ruins in Mexico, to the Giza Pyramids in Egypt and finally Stonehenge for the book's thrilling climax. Christopher Ride takes you on a gripping journey that will keep you riveted until the very last page.
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