Quicksilver and Shadow 

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Quicksilver and Shadow

Описание:Quicksilver & Shadow is the second volume (of a projected three) of Charles de Lint's Collected Early Stories. At nearly 150,000 words it's even larger than volume one, A Handful of Coppers, and includes the very obscure 20,000 word novella, "Berlin," and its over 30,000 word counterpart "Death Leaves an Echo." Contents: Contemporary Fantasy "His City" "Scars" Borderland "Stick" "Berlin" "May This Be Your Last Sorrow" Dark Fantasy "Death Leaves An Echo" "L'Esprit de la Belle Mariette" "The Face in the Flames" "The Soft Whisper of Midnight Snow" "We Are Dead Together" "From a 24" Screen" Science Fiction "A Witch in Rhyme"
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