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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (BBC) 

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When Alice sees the White Rabbit run by, she is burning with curiosity. Jumping up, she follows him into a rabbit hole. Then she falls down a long, long way...Roy Hudd, Sarah-Jane Holm and David Bamber star in a BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatization of Lewis Carroll's spell-binding and fantastic story which sparkles with nonsensical life.
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Alice Through the Looking Glass (BBC Children's Classics) 

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Ken Campbell, Windsor Davies, John Bird, and John Fortune star in this BBC Radio full-cast dramatization. When Alice's wish to visit the Looking Glass world comes true, she can't resist delving deeper and deeper into a land of caustic characters and twisted logic. So begins a game of chess on a grand scale, where the inhabitants of each square have their own set of rules. In her bid to become Queen of the Chess Board, Alice takes advice from such peculiar folk as Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Lion and the Unicorn, and a very helpful gnat.
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