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Vision in White: The Bride Quartet, Book 1

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Vision in White: The Bride Quartet, Book 1

Description: The women at Vows--a wedding planning company in Connecticut--make it their business to create memorable events for couples sealing their bonds. And though the bonds among Parker, Emma, Mac, and Laurel may not be official, they are very real--and equally worthy of celebration. — Mackensie Elliot's experience with her broken family has convinced her the only way to make happiness last is to take a picture of it. She does just that at Vows--where her photos, Laurel's cakes, Emma's flowers, and Parker's almost frightening organizational skills combine for a flourishing business. As a bonus, the four friends are able to live on the grounds of Parker's sprawling family estate, where the weddings and other events are staged. Sometimes it means dealing with drama--but even the worst mother-of-the-bridezilla can't compare to Mac's own manipulative mom. Every time Mac talks to her she winds up drained--and so does her bank account.

Author: Nora Roberts
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Genre: Romance
Date: 2009
Duration: 9 hours and 32 minutes
Reader: Emily Durante
Quality: 32 кбит/c, 22050 Гц, моно
Size: 132 mb
Format: mp3
Language: English

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