Classic Tales Of Horror - Series 01

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Classic Tales Of Horror - Series 01

Description: Short Horror Audiobooks.

E01 - My Own True Ghost Story: An Englishman spends a chilling night in a spooky bungalow in India.
Rudyard Kipling's haunting tale read by Richard Pasco.

E02 - The Man In The Bell: A church bell ringer's trip up to the Belfry has terrifying consequences.
WE Aytoun's chilling tale read by Patrick Malahide.

E03 - Caterpillars: A man is terrorised by hideous apparitions in a haunted Italian villa.
EF Benson's tale is read by Patrick Malahide.

E04 - Narrative Of The Ghost Of A Hand: An Alderman leases a property for his family unaware that it's haunted.
J Sheridan Le Fanu's tale read by Richard Pasco.

E05 - The Mezzotint: A mysterious print reveals a tragic tale of rural revenge.
MR James' short story read by Robin Bailey.

E06 - Dr Heidegger's Experiment: A scientist claims to have discovered a Fountain of Youth.
Nathanial Hawthorne's comically creepy yarn, read by Nicky Henson.

E07 - The Masque Of The Red Death: This classic Edgar Allen Poe story follows Prince Prospero's eager attempts to avoid the Red Death.
Edgar Allen Poe story read by Patrick Malahide.

E08 - A Terribly Strange Bed: Wilkie Collins' unnerving story of a young man, flushed and foolish with gambling success and champagne.
Wilkie Collins read by Robin Baile

Author: Rudyard Kipling, W.E Aytoun, E.F Benson, Nathanial Hawthorne, M.R James, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Edgar Allen Poe, Wilkie Collins
Publisher: BBC 7
Genre: stories
Date: 2009
Duration: 8 x 15 to 40 Minute Episodes
Reader: different readers
Quality: 128кбит, 44100Гц Смежное стерео
Size: 160 mb
Format: mp3
Language: English

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