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AIR & Alessandro Baricco 2003 City Reading

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AIR & Alessandro Baricco 2003 City Reading

Description: On City Reading, Italian author Alessandro Baricco (of the acclaimed 1998 novel Silk) employs the ambient electronics of Air in what amounts to an artfully done book-on-tape, read in Baricco’s thick Italian brogue. Narrating a few especially poetic and lyrical passages from his 2002 novel City, Baricco tells three offbeat stories of the Old West (broken out over 19 tracks) that could’ve been stolen from Sergio Leone’s dream journal. Meanwhile, Air shows off the knack for theme music they brought to the Virgin Suicides soundtrack, laying down accompaniment that provides a proper theatrical background for Baricco’s playful yet melancholy yarns. For those who don’t speak Italian, the sleeve has a complete translation to read along with, creating the effect of a sub-titled movie, or at least a dusty hallucination from the days of six-shooters, saloons, and whorehouses. An intriguing mix of story and song, City Reading continues Air’s baroque touch with synthesized moods and spacious atmosphere.

City Reading:

1. Bird
2. Prologo per la puttana di Closingtown
3. Se vuoi capire la loro storia
4. Pat Cobhan ride
5. Fanny scivola con le labbra
6. Pat Cobhan alza gli occhi
7. Young
8. 'Affanculo
9. Quell'uomo bara, dice
10. Finale
11. Prologo
12. Il primo giorno
13. Il secondo giorno
14. Il terzo giorno
15. L'urlo
16. Mondo sparito
17. Il quarto giorno
18. Macchie di sangue
19. Musica

Author: Alessandro Baricco
Publisher: Record Makers
Genre: short stories
Date: 2003
Reader: Alessandro Baricco
Quality: 192kbit, 44100Hz Стерео
Size: 78,5 mb
Format: mp3
Language: Italian

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