Daniel Martin

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Daniel Martin

Description: Daniel Martin is the story of a Hollywood screenwriter who returns to his native England when a friend from university asks to see him before he dies. With flashbacks to his childhood in the 1940s and time at university in Oxford, a tale of frustrated love emerges. The dying man asks him to look after his wife Jane. Daniel had in fact married Jane's sister, despite loving Jane and having had a one night stand with her. Whilst in England, Daniel improves relations with his daughter and estranged wife. Then Daniel and Jane go on a cruise visiting Egypt, Syria and Lebanon and the two fall in love again. Daniel breaks up with his Scottish girlfriend and the two lovers are reunited at the end of the book. In this brilliant masterpiece, John Fowles has captured pure human emotion together with the essence and meaning of human relationships and put them into words with stunning clarity and effectiveness.

Author: John Fowles
Publisher: NLS
Genre: contemporary prose
Date: 1978
Reader: Patrick Horgan
Quality: 128кбит, 44100Гц Моно
Size: 1,51 Gb
Format: mp3
Language: English

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