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The Day the Universe Changed (CHAPTERED & ORGANIZED, text included)

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The Day the Universe Changed (CHAPTERED & ORGANIZED, text included)

The book's primary focus is on the effect of advances in science and technology on western philosophy. The title comes from the philosophical idea that the universe essentially only exists as you perceive it through what you know; therefore, if you change your perception of the universe with new knowledge, you have essentially changed the universe itself.
This book corresponds to a famous BBC documentary of the same name - but the audio version is ABRIDGED.

Title: The Day the Universe Changed
Author: James Burke
Publisher: Audio Renaissance, 1990
Genre: History and Philosophy of Science
Duration: 3 hours
Read by: the author
Quality: 128 kb/s
Format: mp3
Size: Audio: 145 mb, Text: 70 mb
Language: English

Contents of the audio

1. The Way We Are: It Started with the Greeks
2. In the Light of the Above: Medieval Conflict - Faith & Reason
3. Point of View: Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance
4. Infinitely Reasonable: Science Revises the Heavens
5. Fit to Rule: Darwin's Revolution
6. Making Waves: The New Physics - Newton Revised
7. Worlds Without End: Changing Knowledge, Changing Reality

A note by the uploader:
I've done great work in cutting this book by chapters - before this there was only a lumped version on the web. The textbook is also bookmarked. Appreciate my work!

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Also among my uploads you can find another James Burke's masterpiece - Connections.

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