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Dr Peter J Bentley - The Undercover Scientist

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Dr Peter J Bentley - The Undercover Scientist

We all know that things go wrong: wine stains, toast burns, computers crash. But how many of us pause to think why these accidents happen?

Tracks every ± 3 mins]

Undercover Scientist Peter Bentley is fascinated by the science of the everyday, and in this eye-opening book, organised in the form of one of those days when everything falls apart, he probes into the reasons why mishaps occur, from sleeping through the alarm to making the bathwater overflow.

As he does so he explains exactly what happens when you put metal in a microwave (the electric field inside the oven causes the metal to heat up like a light bulb filament) and why getting the juice from chilli peppers in your eye is so painful (the peppers contain a chemical that fools your nerve-endings into behaving as though they've been burnt).

From there he goes on to show how these simple events form part of a pattern of scientific principles that govern everything around us. If you want to find out how a diesel engine is able to run on chip fat or why lightning actually does strike the same place twice, The Undercover Scientist has all the answers.

Dr Peter J Bentley - The Undercover Scientist (2008) Unabridged
Publisher: Clipper Audio
ISBN: 9781407431
Narrator: Roger May
Format: MP3 96kbps
Type: 9CDs
Duration: 8Hrs 59Mins
Size: 373Mb

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