Puppet On A Chain [Unabridged]

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Puppet On A Chain [Unabridged]

When Major Paul Sherman of the London Bureau of Interpol arrives at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, he is not greeted in a very smooth manner. Indeed, he is viciously struck in the solar plexus by the airline bag of a swarthy man in a black coat. As Sherman starts to investigate the death of Jimmy Duclos, he wonders why his presence in Holland is so undesirable, all the more since he quickly notices that he is being followed by the grey nondescript anonymity of a man. Skilfully reversing the roles, Sherman follows the mysterious man who leads him unawares to the warehouse of a company called "Morgenstern and Muggenthaler". After having succeeded to penetrate the warehouse, Sherman finds the astonishing array of thousands of puppets identical in shape and size and, more surprisingly so, row upon row of books entitled "The Gabriel Bible". But why does each volume of these Bibles have a hole that was smoothly scooped out of its centre so that it extends almost to the entire with of the book? And why do these Bibles have a fly-leaf with the printed inscription: "With the Compliments of the First Reformed Church of the American Huguenot Society"? Well, surely not an easy mystery to solve for Major Sherman.(Philippe Horak)

Puppet On A Chain [Unabridged]
Автор: Alistair MacLean
Издательство: Chivers Audio Books
Исполнитель: Francis Matthews
Качество: 32 kbit/s 22050 Hz Mono
Общее время звучания: 8 Hours 7 mins
Формат: mp3
Размер: 111 Mb [rar + 3%]
Язык: English

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